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JW api is a main project for:

Why does this project exist?

Isn’t the JW Library enough?

Well, while on some standard devices it works, there are several issues:

So is jwapi better?

Well. You can make it better, simply submit a PR.

Features (UX)

Downloading publications, to use them offline is made simpler - you just click on the publication.
No unnecessary permissions required - no need to read files on your device, app uses OS-specific path that doesn’t require any permissions
Study on computer, phone, and have the same highlights on both devices
Highlighting content
Video/Audio files support
Searching in noted
Backups (for now just copy ~/LibJWgo/db/)

Features (Techy)

Same app on every platform - HTML, CSS and JS for the frontend and Golang for the backend
No special permissions required, app doesn’t register any handlers (android - you can open any file with JW Library…)
Use same API as JW Library
Give you better control of what is going on in the background.
Package jwstudy for all systems (check dist/ directory)
Convert JWPUB into Epub


You can go directly to my ci do grab a binary for your system, or use platform-specific way of doing so:


I need to make better docs for that, you can read dist/build.sh to learn how things are being compiled.

For the executable builds (excluting android) go build is enough, packaging is a bit more complicated, but in most cases few lines of bash solve that, check dist directory to learn how packaging is done.