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Why should I donate?

When you donate to OldPC, you will get many benefits, like for example
    > Shell/VNC access to virtual machine running under KVM
    > Awesome subdomain *.oldpc.mrcyjanek.net
    > Privileged PeerTube account.
    > Dedicated support, when needed. (Which is often)
    > HDD Storage (public and private)
    > No warranty of any kind

    > btc: bc1qa3z5jve7xf2ewkklh2ucyt0ln9endr2wsjv0c2
    > doge: DFMtLwbefVSWQJaCER2KwKt5aG2MN3azzz

OldPC Premium

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to host anything illegal, including copyrighted content, you are also not allowed to seed torrents, use it for scam, cryptocurrency mining or phishing on OldPC. Doing anything considered as illegal will lead to termination of your account.