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Why does this website look like this?

May 15, 2020 | Design

Why? You ask me why? You don't see the difference between your react piece of shit and this masterpiece? OK then, let me explain it to you.


It works on everything. Literally, on everything, I've tested it with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, TOR browser (via .onion link, because every website should be accessible over tor, and if you use that piece of shit called c****flare, go to your dashboard, and change orange clouds to gray ones, so I'll be able to use TOR, without training AI (aka solving captchas)), Edge, IE, and damn Links2. And guess what? It worked. Every single part of it was working.


It is easier to read shit that is visible here than on any other website. Why? You don't see it? You don't have to disable your ad-block, disable one of the 0xff extensions you have installed, I don't care what is your email, I don't want to force you to download jquery, I don't use g***** analytics, and this site loads in a second. No matter if you have 10Gbit/s fiber, dial-up, or IPoAC connection. This site will load. everything is centered, so you don't have to waste your energy on moving your eyes from left to right.


Bold? Italic? Both?

Website State
This site Functional
Your site Still loading


And you know what's best? I'm using Bludit, which means that all I had to do is download and unzip this in bl-themes, and you are good to go.