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I'd like to say "Thank You" to covid-19

May 19, 2020 | Politically Incorrect

Yup. You have read that correctly, and I'll try to show you why.

1. We don't have other problems

Yup, we really do not have anything else to worry about. Have you heard about anything bad happening, except the global fear, in the last 3 months? Seriously, we don't have flu, we have got rid of cancer, we don't have problems with protesters in Hong Kong, and generally, around the world, we didn't have any terrorist attack, no car accidents, and even better: we are more healthy. Check the age at which people have died in the past few years, and the age of people getting killed by the virus.
Compare this and this. I have a backup, just in case, in /files/.

2. The government started to care about us

Don't you see it? Just look out of the window, the government forced us to take gave us the masks, gloves they have even closed small businesses to make sure that the big ones will be able to sell us things that we need, Microsoft is working on a vaccine, and we have faster internet. Not to mention the contact tracing apps that keep us safe from that coronavirus. What else do you want from them? (Well, freedom?)

3. Mainstream media is now trusted

You should say thank you to those who make sure that you are well informed, to the WHO for saying how extremely dangerous that covid scam is. Not to mention the censorship ban on hate speech and fake news.

Seriously, I could say much more about it but... I don't care. Yup, I don't care. I'm happy that I have e-learning, I don't have to go to school and waste a few hours on a bus. I'm happy. I agree with QAnon in at least one thing, we should buy popcorn and enjoy the show because there's nothing we can do.