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September 1, 2020 | Politically Incorrect

Y'all people, could you please stop calling every critical thinker a flat-earther? That sentence is not a joke, whenever I express an opinion that differs from what mainstream is telling I get called a conspiracy theorist or a flat-earther.

Bob: I'm so afraid of the COF-EED69 pandemic.
Chuck: Exactly man, the virus is deadly af.
Bob: I can't believe some people are not afraid of it. It kills millions of people!
Alice: Are you for real guys? If it's real why do I need to test for it. It would be rather simple to identify if I'm dead or no.
Bob: Alice! You can be ill but a-s-y-m-p-t-o-m-a-t-i-c
Alice: Oh right so I'm a-s-y-m-p-t-o-m-a-t-i-c-a-l-l-y dead.
Bob: Ugh! You and your conspiracy theories! That doesn't even make sense.

Seriously. I had many conversations just like that. It's my damn right to think (even tho schools are doing their best to stop me from doing so), and I can think whatever I want to, so why is this such a big problem for you when somebody has a different opinion than yours?

For me it simply doesn't matter what do you think, I can talk with you, get some information and if it is worth checking in my opinion I'll learn about that, and maybe even change my mind. Do you know why? Because I'm an open-minded critical thinker, and you should be one too. It's simple as just not taking everything you read or hear as truth. Because it's not.

And for fvcks sake, if you mention Lyme disease as an asymptomatic disease because it is hidden in your body for years, let me show you one result from Google.

Let me also point out one comment from Reddit.

Like... cancer? HIV? Siphilis? Literally almost any disease?

The post was about testing for asymptomatic disease.

Then I've read a comment that was left below

This guy mentioned a very important thing, that my language skills don't allow me to express, so let me put that in a table.

COVID-19 1 Cancer 1 
25 Milion cases 17 Milion cases
856,418 deaths 9.6 Milion deaths
444 million tests. an unknown amount of tests (I wasn't able to find any information about that.)

Do you see the difference? More people are dying because of cancer than of COVID, for COVID we have stayed home, closed the countries, stopped meeting with friends (btw, does anybody have some data about suicides during plandemic? I have to check that out) and changed our lives, but for cancer, we did not even stop smoking (it cause about 30% of cases). We could safe 2,88 Milion people if they wouldn't smoke. That's more than 3 times the number of COVID deaths.
We have closed the countries to save people from a virus that kills, at most, 0.8 million people for every half billion of us. But we couldn't stop smoking to actually save 2.88 million people who die every year.

Do you see my point now? We are spending billions of dollars on making the tests, vaccines and other shit so big companies can earn money, but we are not going to stop smoking because that would mean big losses for big companies. It's all about money.

So most likely nobody ever will read this post. But I had to post that somewhere.

And remember, these are just my thoughts, if it comes to diseases don't trust conspiracy theorists, but rather a well-paid government organization such as WHO.