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Beef with coronavirus #hot16challenge2

May 17, 2020 | Politically Incorrect

From the website:

Six years ago, #hot16challenge went viral as an artist-to-artist movement, in which rappers (and musicians!), when nominated, were bound to record 16 bars within 72h. Once completed, the artist nominated 4 other people to do the same.

Now we're launching a sequel, but with a charitable twist and going worldwide.

Ok. Sound's good, they are collecting money for charity - to fight with the big covid-1984 scam - that sound's good.

Footnote needed

Stop asking poor people to give money for charity. If you - rich singer - want to raise money for something, open your damn wallet and give that money, and if you still feel unsatisfied with helping society, and not telling anyone about that feel free to write about it on twitter, make a song or whatever, but don't ask others for something you already have a lot of, ok?

As of time of writting we have raised 2 567 240,42 zł, which is about 608 005,02 $ from 72 973 people. If you compare it to 585 700 000 000 $ of polish gdp, that's... That's not much. I believe that we should spend that money on something else. And if you think that your wallet is too heavy for you, go to, EFF, Tor Project because they need it, especially, they are doing more than you think.

So this is what I think about #hot16challenge in one sentence: You are doing good work, but you are targeting wrong charity.

At least imo.