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Hey hey hello! I’m Czarek, I’m doing stuff in my free time, sometimes. Feel free to check my blog (below), and projects.

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What do I know?

Thing And what have I done with it.
Linux I’m working with Linux all the time, on my desktop, and on my server, I know how to install Gentoo, configure software, compile kernel, and fix issues that are not that hard to find. But I’m more experienced in the above the kernel stuff. I have setup a lot of programs on my server, including a minimal ci, a git server, etherpad, and a few private game servers, including Minecraft, Minetest and GTA V (fivem), and a few legacy Telegram bots written in PHP.
PHP Ah! I used to be in love with this one. I still maintain a lot of Telegram Bots written in PHP, and a few WordPress sites. I feel pretty confident saying that I have a lot experience with it, it was the first language that I have learnt, and the one that I’m using for the longest amount of time. If you need help with your PHP app/site/bot, I can help you.
Shell I love shell. Seriously! I love putting hundrets of lines of shell code, just to produce a static executable, packaged into deb for all architectures! My whole ci scripts is written entirely in bash! Including my apt repository. I’m good in it, and I enjoy it. I preffer cli over the gui.
JavaScript It powers around 95% of the web, yet some JavaScript frameworks have a shorter date of suitability than some dairy products, but I use it, sometimes on the backend, and more often on the frontend.
Golang I LOVE IT! Seriously! It runs fast, and compile fast into a static binary! Most of the apps I’m writting now are in Go. I’ve started using it like a 6 months ago, and I can say that I’m good in it. I love it.
BitCoin I’m into cryptocurrency, I know how signing works, and how to use it, I know how to deal with RPC commands, and I have build the W(allet)API, which uses it on the backend, and provide you a simple api to interact with.
Bootstrap This site use it, and I’m using in for example in jwapi, and on this site that you are reading now. What can I say about it? Umm… Feels like a preconfigured CSS to me.
Tor I also know a bit about TOR, I don’t like the way it works (I don’t like the exit nodes, and the whole trusted authority nodes), but at least it works… I run a few hidden services. That are hidden, thus no links.
MySQL I’m using MySQL for the most of my projects, It’s nice and fast. I know how to optimize things, but I’m not the best in it, mostly because I use SQLite for local development, and most of the fance features are gone. But SQL is nice, and I’m good in it.
BitTorrent Hell yeah! I love this one seeding without ratio limits on public trackers, and working on the BTnet, using BitTorrent to show you websites.

If you think that I can work for you, feel free to dm me, links are below.

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[2021.04.22] Android is not open source

Android is not open source, and can we, please, stop pretending that it is?

[2021.04.21] BTnet - The internet done properly.

No matter who you are, you have probably seen the signs of the time, either by your president twitter account getting banned or by your favourite youtuber getting demonetised. Or have you ever seen a 404 page instead of the controversial article you have bookmarked to read later? BTnet will fix it.

[2021.04.15] Hello, World!

So.. I guess that’s what I should have said when I deploy something new, right?